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4 Apps That Every Freelancer Needs

4 Apps That Every Freelancer Needs

From invoicing and setting up contracts, to tracking expenses and time - as a freelancer or business owner you’ve probably found yourself wishing you had some extra help every now and then. Well, you’re in luck because there are hundreds of apps out there designed specifically with you in mind.


Ever got to the end of a long day and wondered where all your precious time went? Toggl, the time tracking system for small businesses and freelancers, is probably just what you need. It’s a simple online timer logger with powerful reports and team management features, and even includes accurate and transparent client billing and internal resource planning – so you’ll never wonder where those extra minutes (or even hours) went.


This online invoicing platform keeps all your finances in one place (hello, cloud!), facilitates online payments and helps you keep track of things like expenses and mileage. You can create professional looking estimates and invoices in a flash, and even manage multiple businesses or accounts in one place.


From instant credit to quick invoicing and no monthly fees, Tide is a business current account that’s giving bigger banks a run for their money. They call themselves the current account that gives business owners their time back – and if we’re honest, isn’t that what we all want?


Let’s face it, one of the least fun parts of being a contractor is well, the contracts. From figuring out the legal speak to getting the actual signing done by all parties, it can be seriously time consuming! The Shake app the assists you with your agreements, helps you choose the right template and allows you and your clients to sign documentation electronically on any device.

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