Your Outstanding Invoices - Fee Recovery

In these challenging economic times, clients have unfortunately been known to attempt to avoid paying fees and hide behind allegations of poor workmanship or negligence on the part of the professional as a way of avoiding costs.

What is meant by a Claims Made Policy?

Insurance jargon can get confusing, we know! In this blog, we break down what a “claims made” policy means.

Future claims against you – could you be in danger?

Ever worried about making a serious on the job-mistake and not even realising it?

4 Apps That Every Freelancer Needs

From invoicing and setting up contracts, to tracking expenses and time - as a freelancer or business owner you’ve probably wished you had some extra help every now and then. Well, you’re in luck because there are hundreds of apps out there designed specifically with you in mind. To start off with, we’ve had a look at 4 of the most exciting ones.

UK Contractor’s Survey - The Results

​We asked contractors across the UK to take part in our PI survey. Have a look at the results!