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Generally, Professional Indemnity is not a legal requirement. You will not get prosecuted for not holding Professional Indemnity Cover. However, depending on what your profession is, there maybe regulatory requirements imposed by your association or governing body to hold Professional Indemnity as a compulsory insurance.

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We take data privacy very seriously and we are registered with the Information Commissioners Office, and work towards regulated guidelines. Please read our Privacy Policy and visit for more information.

We will only use your details to provide you with Insurance terms. As such we will pass your information only to appropriate insurers to obtain an insurance quote for you. If you pay for your premium using a finance facility, then your details may be used for credit referencing to check your financial standing when you apply for credit.

Your Policy

We will always contact you beforehand to ensure that you are aware that your Insurance Policy will automatically renew.


An invoice would have been emailed to you once payment has been received online, or can be downloaded when you log in. Alternatively, please contact us and we will send you a copy.


A claim is generally notifiable under a Professional Indemnity policy when the insured first becomes aware of circumstances that could lead to a claim. This could be anything from a verbal criticism to receipt of a statement of claim.

Cautionary signs include:

  • Verbal complaints from a dissatisfied customer, or threats to take the matter further
  • A client that refuses to settle or delaying settlement of your fees
  • Letters or email of a complaint alleging neglect, error or omission
  • A client that wants to change Professional Adviser

The interpretation of when this situation occurs is the source of frequent policy disputes between the insurer and insured, so always be on your guard.

It would be good business practice to regularly check with staff and partners if there are any problems that should be notified. This is particularly important prior to the renewal of a policy, as a change of insurers may occur which could subsequently result in a potential non-disclosure of a notifiable event.

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