If you or your business is regulated by the FCA, you should know that Professional Indemnity insurance is compulsory.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Insurers

From providing an incorrect policy, to getting a renewal deadline mixed up, or even signing off the wrong clause – the array of risks that you face as an insurance industry professional are almost countless.

With over 20 years’ experience covering businesses and organisations like yours with the professional indemnity insurance protection they need, we have defended professional negligence claims for:

  • Insurance Brokers
  • Underwriting and Managing Agents
  • Actuaries
  • Risk Consultant
  • Claims Adjuster/Analysts

Getting the PI cover that you need

What makes us different?

The foundation of a competitive premium and comprehensive professional indemnity cover lies in fully understanding your risk.

Our experience means that we understand what your business does and how it operates. Equally, we'll ensure that you understand what we are covering you against and any applicable limitations.

Standing out

Unlike most insurance brokers, we are not committed to just one single insurance company. Instead, we can engage with more than 20 insurers and underwriters on your behalf. Professional Indemnity insurance is all that we do - meaning we have great relationships with the insurers and schemes that are often unavailable to many other brokers.

What to learn more?

Professional Indemnity Cover for You

In a few clicks, you can take advantage from professional indemnity cover and benefit from:

Immediate protection

We'll have you covered straight away - upon approval - and you can rest easy knowing you've the cover you need

Competitive prices

Some of the most competitive pricing to our customers - easily beating most of the "market leaders"

Focus on the day-to-day

When your clients demand you have PI, we'll provide the right level of cover to fit.

Asset protection

Professional Indemnity doesn't stop at protecting you financially but your personal assets too.

Comprehensive protection

Employers' Liability, Public Liability, Run-off Cover, Legal Protection - protection from every corner

Competitive advantage

Many firms will only deal with companies or contractors who have professional indemnity insurance

Does it look like you need PI cover? Get covered right now.

If you need to protect your business and your personal assets - get in touch or request a quote right now and get the cover you need in minutes.

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